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This is our newest and favorite real working wooden bee nesting box. Build your own bee house and help save the solitary bees, with the Rivajam Build Your Own Bee House woodworking project assembly kit!

This Rivajam bee house is made from sustainable pine wood. The wood panels of this bee house project kit have been crafted to fit together easily so you can build it yourself with the included tools.

This wood project kit is a great educational homeschooling STEM woodworking activity to learn about nature, science, logical sequencing and construction. Kids & teens will get a real "buzz" out of assembling this beginner arts and craft wood building project, and toddlers & preschoolers will love painting it with bee friendly paints once constructed(paint not included).

Encourages learning & research by observing the life cycle of nature's non-aggressive solitary bees eg mason, orchard, leaf-cutter & carpenter bees (our planet's super pollinators!), making this an interesting & engaging backyard gardening activity for the whole family.

This woodworking kit includes 75 cardboard bee nesting tubes, enough to completely fill the bee house and provide lots of options for the friendly bees to nest, lay their larvae, and complete their life cycle.

Various types of bee nest tube refill packs are available from Rivajam for this reusable bee nest kit. The Build Your Own Bee House must be mounted to a solid surface and fully protected from wind & direct rain, to help ensure it's a welcoming bee hotel for years to come. Comes with pre-installed mounting hooks (fixings not included - please use a suitable fixings for your chosen surface).

With easy to follow detailed DIY build instructions included, this backyard garden beekeeping starter kit makes a unique gift for all ages!

Age: 3+ please use under supervision. Designed in Australia, Made in China.

Assembled bee box dimensions: 6.7”D x 4.3”H x 4”W.

BUILD YOUR OWN: All the pieces and instructions to create your own bee house.

SUSTAINABLE, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from environmentally friendly, sustainable, pine materials.

SECURE PLACEMENT: Developed with two mounting hooks (fixings not included).

REPLACEABLE NESTING TUBES: We have designed perfect nesting tubes, to maximize male to female larvae.


DIY Mason Bee House Kit

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