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Planting Wildflower Seeds

We have several seed mixes available based on different climate regions in the U.S. and the species of pollinators and types of flowers you can feature!  Please see each section below for best practices.


Each region of the U.S. has different climates, soil compositions, and weather conditions that will impact the type of seeds you select, when, and where you should plant them.  

Here are 6 basic steps for planting and growing wildflowers:

  1. Identify the right zone of your location for planting (see below)

  2. Prepare the area where you will be seeding wildflowers by loosening the soil and removing existing grass and weeds.

  3. Sowing wildflowers seeds is actually easy!   Use only the recommended amount of seed as most wildflowers do not grow well in overcrowded conditions.  We suggest using a spreader to evenly distribute seeds.  Also, combining 1 part seed with 8-10 parts of clean, dry sand will provide a more accurate distribution.  Sow half of your seeds walking from east-to-west, and the other half of your seeds walking north-to-south.

  4. Next, simply press the seeds into the soil to encourage germination. You won't need to cover them with additional soil as they need sunlight to properly germinate.

  5. Lastly, water the seeded area regularly.  For best results, make sure the soil is moist until the seedlings are at least 4-6" tall.  This should occur in about 4-6 weeks.

  6. Different plants will grow at different rates and bloom at different times.  So, watch for healty growth and for blooms to appear several weeks later.  When the conditions are right, wildflower seeds will sprout within 2-3 weeks after germination.

    Annuals will bloom about 2-3 months after germination. Biennials grow foliage in their first season and bloom in the second season. Perennials will grow foliage in their first season, and typically start to bloom in their second season, and return for years to come.  Each mix is formulated to provide continuous blooms, color, and beauty from Spring to Fall! 

Find your zone for best planting dates

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