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Meet Our Beekeeping Partners

Help Support These Awesome Organic Sustainable Beekeepers as They Support Arkearth


Zach, Zoe, Kam, and Summer Johnson - founders

Zach and Zoe's Sweet Bee Farm is a family-run startup that believes in the importance of bee health. This brother and sister team from New Jersey wanted to launch a business that would help the environment, so they decided to sell the honey that they harvested in their mom and dad's small apiary. 

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Brooke Sarmiento - founder

Brooke is an Iowa native now living in Colorado Springs. She launched BEE-OCH with the idea to offer holistic and natural products. Her organic honey is created from the wildflowers at the base of the Rocky Mountains and tastes amazing. 

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Nestor Estrada & Cesar Aragon - founders

Nestor and Cesar founded Bella Hampton Farms during the Covid lock-down and have created a unique concept of holistic and organic foods and immersive experiences for guests. From Pig Roasts to farm fresh eggs and products from their families' farm in Northern Mexico, they are creating a supportive community for local farmers. 

Lisa Rose

Farm founder 


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