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A Poem about Valentine's and the Birds & the Bees

Happy Valentine's Day, 2024! It's a day to share thoughts of love and affection but did you know the day also belongs to the creatures and plants all around us? Soon, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and moths will begin the rite of spring where everything comes back to life in a colorful and pollen-filled (sneeze) world! So, if you get a bouquet of flowers, thank a pollinator for making it happen! Here's our poem to celebrate!

In gardens kissed by dawn's first light, Where flowers bloom in colors bright, There dance the pollinators, free, Bringing love to each bloom they see.

With wings of grace, they softly glide, Spreading pollen far and wide, A gentle touch, a loving kiss, Ensuring blooms are never remiss.

Their tiny hearts beat with delight, As they flutter through the morning light, A symphony of buzzing wings, In nature's ballad, love sings.

Oh, pollinators, valiant and true, In your dance, love's essence imbue, For as you flit from flower to flower, You weave a tapestry of love's power. So this Valentine's Day, don't forget to blow a kiss... to the little creatures who helped create our bliss. :-)

You can also thank a pollinator by donating to ARKEARTH and our work to launch more pollination accelerator projects in urban farms, community gardens, churches, schools, and park! Every project also increases plant life, reduces C02, and lifts crop yields of fruits and vegetables. All of that means saving pollinators, plants, and people! Donate just $10 today and save bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds OR, shop our online store and create your own Pollination Habitat! xoxoxo - The Arkearth Team

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