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A Pollinator's Christmas Poem

In a meadow full of colors, where wildflowers bloom,

A Christmas celebration, where pollinators zoom.

Butterflies in bow ties, bees in festive attire,

A whimsical gathering, fueled by nature's desire.

The bumblebees hum a cheerful tune,

As they dance 'neath the silver of the winter moon.

Their wings create magic, a fluttering ballet,

Spreading joy and pollen in a wondrous display.

The fireflies flicker, a living light display,

Stringing twinkling stars along the Milky Way.

They light up the night with a soft, gentle glow,

A Christmas spectacle for creatures below.

The hummingbirds sip nectar, a sweet holiday treat, their feathers glistening, tiny heartbeats fleet.

With beaks like candy canes, they toast to the night, celebrating Christmas in the soft moonlight.

Dragonflies with tinsel wings, shimmer and gleam, darting and diving, like a festive dream.

They paint the air with strokes of delight,

A Christmas canvas in the tranquil night.

Moths in fuzzy sweaters, flutter to and fro,

Adorning the meadow with a seasonal glow.

They bring warmth and coziness to the crisp winter air,

A celebration of Christmas, beyond compare.

Even the beetles join the joyous affair,

Rolling snowballs with a meticulous care.

Scarab beetles and ladybugs, side by side,

Creating snowbug sculptures, beaming with pride.

As the moonlight bathes the meadow in silver, each pollinator becomes a Christmas giver.

They spread love and cheer with delicate grace, A celebration of nature, in this enchanted space.

So, if you wander through a meadow one night... Listen for the laughter, see the festive light.

For in the heart of nature, a Christmas story's spun... With pollinators dancing, celebrating as one. :-)

From our family to yours, have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season!

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