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Hivessence Launches Environmentally Conscious Skincare

Hivessence, a new skincare and supplements brand, has recently launched their online store with 32 different items featuring the latest formulations and trends in health and beauty. The high-quality serums, creams, moisturizers, masks, soaps, and cleansers all feature organic ingredients that are free of animal testing, gluten, and paraben. Honeybee products are also included such as health enhancing honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, and beeswax.

Proceeds from each sale will go towards, which works with other organizations striving to save honeybees and other pollinators in North America. “I came up with the idea during the Covid pandemic and after being laid off from a restaurant software company”, said David M Burrows, founder and president of Hivessence. Hivessence is a combination of “Hive” and “Essence” related to bees being “the essence of life” through pollination and creating highly beneficial honey products as both a nutritious food, and topical use for health and healing.

“I helped a friend launch a 501c3 for bee research from the Netherlands and knew a consumer brand featuring quality honey-infused products could also help fund important initiatives and have a positive impact on saving the most important species on our planet (honeybees), as well as address the issues of climate change, and food sustainability”, he added. A startup veteran, David has been involved with launching various concepts from his early days of working for Mark Cuban at and later at Yahoo, to video streaming platforms, IoT technology, and on-demand laundry services.

Officially launched in April of 2021, orders started coming in immediately. Social media posts and user created videos promoting individual products generated instant sales. Some of the most popular have been the Herbal Eye Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serums, charcoal masks, and wrinkle remover moisturizers. Popular supplements include Testosterone Support and formulas for memory, sleep, Keto, cleanse, and performance. Products are competitively priced from $22 for some moisturizers to $65 for serums. Hivessence partners with and acquires honey for its products from small producers and beekeepers in North Texas, Montana, Colorado, and Hawaii.

Every purchase is shipped in 100% recycled packaging, and includes a free packet of mixed Wildflower Seeds, so customers can plant and enjoy their own pollination garden. To emphasize the importance of pollinators further, every box includes a special individualized “thank you” note from one of the bees benefitting from the purchase.

“People may not realize it but for every bite of food on our plate, more than one-third comes from pollinating species like bees and butterflies. Bees are so important that the United Nations and the Earthwatch Institute declared them to be the most important species on the planet,” Burrows said. “We’re here to help make positive changes for our world and enable people to be part of that by looking good and feeling good!”. Hivessence frequently uses the hashtags, #SaveYourFace + #SaveTheBees in their online branding and social posts.

This summer, Hivessence is moving its headquarters to a new office in Plano, Texas while keeping its manufacturing and source material all US-based. In August, Hivessence will expand online sales through a new Amazon store. New brick and mortar sales will expand in select North Texas spas, specialty grocers, and boutiques. Videos featuring “how to” tips and actual users discussing their own skincare routines will be featured on the brand’s Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok channels.

Several charities already selected to benefit from donations this year include Hives for Heroes Veterans program, Arista Bee Research, Bonton Farms, and Arkearth.

For information on becoming a retail distributor contact Hivessence at For information on qualifying for and requesting grant money related to pollination projects and research, contact

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