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This is the BEST Heirloom Seed collection we've ever seen!  Featuring over 50,000 seeds from 70 different varieties of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. 

ARK Seeds (from Simply Seed), help to provide for your own Food Security-Designed with preparedness and sustainability in mind.  Our seed kit will help you grow a dependable food supply, so you're ready for emergencies or possible food shortages. 

All seed packages are Organically Grown and Packed with a balanced supply of organically grown, non-GMO seeds.  These are also the highest quality USA heirloom seeds that have been preserved for several generations.

Includes vegetable, fruit and herb (culinary and medicinal) seeds. Packaged for Long-Term Storage-in climate controlled environments. Every species of seed is labeled and sealed separately and can be stored up to 10 years!

ARK's Growing Guide is included which teaches you how to grow and harvest your own produce, and how to save extra seeds for future planting.  


Seeds included: 

4-6 Dry Bean Varieties (1,150)

Field Corn (100)

Gold Bantum Sweet Corn (100)

Snap Peas (125)

Dry Peas (100)

Butternut Squash (60)

Blue Hubbard or Acorn Squash (50)

Zucchini Squash (50)

Sugar Pie Pumpkin (50)

Sugar Baby Watermelon (175)

Cantaloupe (50)

Honey Dew Melon (50)

Bell Pepper (50)

Habanero Pepper (50)

Cayenne Pepper (50)

Parsnips (1,000)

Beets (300)

Yellow Onions (500)

Red Onions (200)

Spinach (550)

Radish (900)

Turnips (2,000)

Mustard (900)

Pickling Cucumbers (200)

Eggplant (50)

Curled Kale (900)

Dinosaur Kale (100)

4 Lettuce Varieties (5,000)

Arugula (500)

Broccoli (1,350)

Cabbage (1,350)

Carrots (2,500)

Swiss Chard (200)

Brussel Sprouts (200)

Rutabaga (500)

Leeks (200)

7 Tomato Varieties (600-800)

16 Varieties of Culinary & Medicinal Herbs (30,000)

ARK Heirloom Seed Collection

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