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We discovered this awesome all-in-one herb starter grow kit and love it!  We tested it in our "lab" and within days, we saw all the seeds planted had sprouted and are soon heading to our outdoor herb garden for the spring!   This kit is so easy and straightforward to use and a great educational project for kids or anyone interested in growing their own sustainable, organic, garden for food. 

Spade to Fork is an Oregon Family Farm Business and is family-owned and operated on 65 acres.  Each Spade To Fork indoor garden kit contains 5 types of Certified USDA Organic Non GMO seeds.

The herb planters for indoor plants also include:

  • Italian Large Leaf Basil
  • Coriander Cilantro (slow bolt)
  • Peione Parsley
  • Broad Leaf Sage
  • Thyme

Also included:

  • 5 OMRI listed compostable peat pots
  • 5 OMRI certified rich potting soil discs
  • 5 custom wood burned plant markers
  • 1 beautiful 26 page growing guide

The entire kit Is Certified USDA Organic.  Spade to Fork are strong believers in sustainable, eco friendly, fully organic systems that are safe for every grower. The DIY culinary indoor plant growing system is fully and proudly certified by ODA in Oregon. 


The indoor herb garden kit grows perfectly on a windowsill, in an apartment or condominium, in a personal outdoor greenhouse, or in your home window sill, balcony or even countertop. Once plants are 3-4 inches high, they can be planted in outdoor pots, gardens, or any sunny location. 

Arkearth Herb Starter Kit

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