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We're very excited to curate this stylish black metal and glass high-design mini greenhouse!  This plant terrarium is designed as a traditional Victorian Greenhouse and features a beautifully crafted black accent frame with ventilation. It's the perfect size as a beautiful stylistic centerpiece for a table, counter, or sideboard.  Use to start your seedlings before planting outside or grow succulents, cacti, or bonsai. 

  • Tall glass greenhouse terrarium with ventiable top lift. Great for raising succulents, orchids, moss, ferns, cacti, or a venus fly trap.
  • Made of reinforced glass, with a super sturdy design to keep your plants safe. 
  • Measurers 8.7" X 5.9" X 10.6".  A great gift for office or home decor. Fits in a window, on a balcony, or indoors. 

Arkearth Mini French Greenhouse

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