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Our exclusive partner for Bat Houses for our Pollination Accelerator Projects is BatBnB.  This is our favorite design.  The Sonora features a single chambered design and will comfortably house between 40-50 bats. 

  • REDUCE MOSQUITOES & PESTS - A common bat can eat thousands of insects in a single night, making them the perfect substitute for pesticides (which we discourage any use of). Bats eat everything from beetles to mosquitoes along with pollinating some plants. 

  • UNIQUE DESIGN & QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - these bat houses feature craftsmanship that you’ll be proud to display in your yard for many years to come. Each Bat House is made entirely of sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar & constructed in the USA. These are ergonomic designs and individually handcrafted using fewer screws and nails than most other bat houses. This means less danger for the inhabitants inside and less areas for water damage.

  • JOIN A BAT LOVING COMMUNITY - We partnered with BatBnB after seeing their startup venture on SharkTank.  They truly have a vision to make bat’s lives a little better and build an exceptional product.

  • BAT EXPERT ENDORSED - BatBnB has developed each design by working with a bat ecologist, photographer, & conservationist, Merlin Tuttle to create a bat house that is perfectly suited for the animal’s needs. Merlin has studied bats & championed their preservation for more than 55 years & continues to work for their betterment.



  • Fully Assembled BatBnB

  • Directions & Informational Booklet (which can also be viewed here)

  • Mounting System, including hardware to mount on most wood surfaces

  • BatBnB Logo Sticker


Every Bat House you purchase helps us provide additional bat houses for schools, churches, community gardens, and parks!  

Typically ships within 1 to 2 weeks


Bat House -BatBnB Sonora Design

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