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There are so many books on beekeeping but this one is a great overall guide - especially for beginners!  Ron Brown takes us from the beginnings of spring to the summer swarms and to the eventual autumn honey harvest, and ending with establishing winter protection for the hives.  It's truly an essential resource guide that can be used by both the first-time beekeeper to the experienced apiary professional.  We love how it covers every season of the beekeeping cycle. Learn how to establish a queen and hive, how to control a swarm, and protect a hive, along with tips for keeping bees healthy and productive. The book is also packed with practical tips on using beeswax and, of course, making honey.


By Ron Brown, OBE
Published by Pavillion Publishing UK  
2018.  Softback. 192 pages. 

Beekeeping A Seasonal Guide

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