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We love this particular bird bath foutain so much, we've order 3 just for us!  Resembles weathered copper, this 2 feet, 5 inch high, plastic resin water feature is easy to assemble and set up. It's the perfect addition to your patio or backyard to provide fresh running water for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. The pump works in full sun and includes 6 different water flow options. 

All the info:

2 In 1 combo set: this package comes with 1 water-recirculating bird bath and 1 solar-powered water pump


The birdbath is made of polypropylene material and covered with a weather-resistent resin coating,


Top pedestal measures 20 inches in diameter and 31 inches in height. The base allows users to decorate the base with stones or plants to increase the weight to maintain stability during windy days.


The solar powered fountain is powered by direct sunlight and has no need for any electricity or backup battery. At sunset, it automatically shuts off. 


Multiple water spray heads are easily interchangable.  6 different nozzles provide a variety of sprays. There are 4 fixed rods that prevent the pump from floating around at will and helps prevent the fountain from spraying water outside the basin. 




- Make sure to keep the fountain filled with fresh water. It holds about 4 liters or just over a gallon. 

- Place several rocks in the top basin for bees and insects to land on so they won't drown!

- Position the fountain in an area that recieves the most full sun. The solar pump will not work in any shaded areas. 

- Use the included metal rods to help keep the fountain in place. This outdoor feature is well-made, but it is light and a strong breeze could move or tip it over. 

- Do not add water lillies or plants to the water as it encourages algae and debris, which can clog the pump

- Keep the basin clean by empting the water and washing it with warm water and organic soap every two weeks. 

Bird Bath with Solar Powered Pump

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