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Author, Bruce Montague, brings us this enlightening and amusing collection about Birds, Bees and Educated Fleas in an amusing A-Z of the courtship and mating habits of animals - including um, Homo sapiens.

From well-hung South American drakes to shy camels arranging secret love trysts, female chameleons whose skin darkens when they're no longer in the mood to giraffes who swing their hips and swish their tails when they're feeling frisky, oysters that can change sex pretty much at will to stud rhinoceroses that can copulate three or four times a day for a week, this is a wide-ranging, light-hearted but well-researched look at the world of animal love and lust.


Arranged alphabetically by species, here is the perfect handbook for any peeping Tom or Tomasina who wants to know what goes on in the animal world behind the - metaphorical - bedroom curtains. We're pretty sure this book has already been banned in Florida. 


By Bruce Montague. Softback. John Blake Publishing, London, UK. 2015. 238 pages. 

Birds, Bees, And Educated Fleas

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