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We've just added this drough-resistent wildflower seed mix to our store and we're delighted to suggest this heirloom variety for use in hot and dry regions like Central and West Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.  

A blend of 20 varieties featuring 80,000 seeds. Each package includes:

Sweet alyssum seeds, plains coreopsis seeds, siberian wallflower seeds, blanket flowers seeds, sweet william seeds, California poppy seeds, garland flower seeds, African daisy seeds, Indian blanket seeds, catchfly seeds, shasta daisy seeds, prairie coneflower seeds, evening primrose seeds, black-eyed Susan seeds, corn poppy seeds, Gloriossa daisy seeds, Rocky Mountain penstemon seeds, spurred snapdragon seeds, white yarrow seeds, strawflower seeds.

Grows in: Hardiness Zones 2 - 10

Germination Rate: High, Open Pollinated

Days to Maturity: Varies

Height: 24-48 inches.

Seed Quality: Non-GMO - Heirloom - Premium Seeds

Dryland Wildflower Seed Pollinator Mix

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