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Where does our food actually come from? What is farming like across the planet? Chris McNab sets out to answer those questions with this beautiful landscape format book featuring outstanding photographs of farming from every part of the world. It's a graphic pictorial celebration of mankind’s deep connection with the land that has sustained us for over 12,000 years.
Arranged geographically, Farming explores the many types of farms and farming that exist today. See how farmers in Malaysia extract milky latex from the bark of rubber trees, used to make everything from protective gloves to vehicle tires; be amazed at the gorgeous stepped rice fields of Bali, where the traditional subak irrigation system is created around “water temples” and managed by Hindu priests; marvel at the vast corn and soybean fields of Ontario, much of it used for animal feed to support Canada’s beef industry; learn about nomadic pastoralism in low rainfall areas such as Somalia, where herders move camels, cattle, sheep, and goats in search of grazing; explore the wineries and vineyards in Bordeaux, where more than 700 million bottles of wine are produced each year; and see how freshwater prawns are harvested for export in the watery deltas of Bangladesh.


By Chris McNab

Published by Amber Books

2023.  224 pages.  Hardback. 

Farming Growing the Food that Feeds Us

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