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This unique read covers Anglo-American exchanges from the setterles in Virginia to the prairie gardens in England and how four centuries of trading plants and seeds have changed and evolved the environments of both continents. 


From the early settlers taking their familiar English plants to the New World and early plant-hunters bringing back exciting new plants for English gardens to the twenty-first-century English infatuation with "prairie gardening," ideas and plants have been crossing and re-crossing the Atlantic. In Gardening Across the Pond, Richard Bisgrove explores four centuries of translantic influences, from the Tradescants, plant-hunting in seventeenth century Virginia, to the prairie landscapes of the 2012 London Olympic Park, and attempts to answer that thorny question--is the English cottage garden an American invention?  Spoiler Alert!  Nah, just get the book and find out!  :-D


By Richard Bisgrove

Published by Pimpernel Press UK

2018.  Hardback.  208 pages.


Gardening Across The Pond

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