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One Arkearth Beehive includes:


2 Wooden Boxes with 10 frames and treated with beeswax for weatherizing and sealing. Each box is  painted with bee-friendly white latex. Includes frames, screen excluded, floor, vented top, reducer, copper top, 6-8" stand, and feeder with starter syrup. 


One marked queen. Colony of bees (approx. 11,000 bees with about 80% female, 20% male drones). Species available include Texas 5000, Italian Carniolan, Golden Cordovan and occasionally, Buckfast. 


Cost:         $695.00


* Bees are wild creatures and Arkearth cannot guarantee the health, or outcome of each deployed hive. We do offer a 4 week guarantee to replace the hive population and/or queen. Each delivery comes with complete set up and initial instructions.


** We offer beekeeping classes in person and online along with complete turnkey management. 

Costs vary for actual set up, species of bees, location, and frequency of maintainence and honey harvesting.  Use this page to make a refundable deposit for Spring delivery of your bees and hive. (March to May delivery time-frames).  


Currently only Available in Dallas, Rockwall, Collin, Kaufman, Denton, Tarrant, and Ellis counties. 

Honeybee Hive with Bees and Queen

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