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We love this picture-driven book filled with great introductory knowledge about planting and growing plants indoor and using window boxes!  Perfect tips and ideas for ANY size space. Now you can culitvate a few square feet of green no matter where you live! 


Written by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit, they are the founders of the award-winning blog, The Horticult. Their articles appear in Time, The NYTs, and Teen Vogue.  Great ideas for adding beauty and useful plants to your home or office.


Learn how to care for them and learn about indoor plants you can eat as well!   Includes info on: Herbs, Succulents, edible petals, woodlands theme, beach dune theme, and the "Southern Belle" of designs. 

Hardback - Clarkson Potter Publishers - NYC / 2018 / 178 pages

How to Window Box - a guide to indoor planting

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