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This picturesque book of various Hummingbird speices by Robert Tyrrell, the world's foremost photographer of birds, captures the amazing day-to-day activities of the colorful North American species. Included in the 235 full-color images are unique examples of birds nesting, molting, preening and even their territorial aggression.  And our favorite collection of hummingbirds feeding from various wildflowers.

Esther Tyrrell has written the accompanying enlightening overview, and it's by far the most complete study on hummingbirds we've ever read.  It's a definitive source for both scientists and the general reader on all things "hummingbird". 

By Esther Quesada Tyrrell and photographs by Robert A. Tyrrell

Published by Crown Publishing 
1999.  Softback.  212 pages. Used. 

Hummingbirds Their Life and Behavior

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