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  • POLLINATION HOUSE:  Meet our Arkearth Insect Hotel.  These adorable houses can offer mason bees, butterflies, ladybugs, green lacewings and other solitary insects a safe environment for shelter and nesting in the backyard, on the terrace, patio or the balcony.
  • ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS: All materials used for the bug hotel are made of natural materials, such as pine wood, bamboo and pine cone, and are not painted. The different filling materials attract a variety of different beneficial insects and address their individual needs.
  • PROTECTION FROM RAIN AND ELEMENTS: The pointed roof has been fitted with sheet iron to protect the bee house from rain, so less moisture enters the wooden structure.
  • ADDS BEAUTY: This beautifully crafted and charming wooden habitats are not only a functional ornament for the garden, but they also add an ideal environment for multiple pollinators which can increase plantlife and blooming.
  • PRODUCT MAY VARY:  Colors on butterfly and moth access panel may vary with shipments. Please request a specific color if that is important in your purchase. Colors shipped my include red, green, natural wood, or white - not all colors are available during busy seasons. Thank you! 

  • Product Dimensions10"D x 11"W x 3"H

Pollinator House - Bees, Butterflies, Lady Bugs

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