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The Family Butterfly Book is packed with 40 fun projects that include building butterfly habitats, feeding butterflies by hand, and even incorporating live butterflies into special celebrations. 


Author, Rick Mikula encourages readers to envolve the entire family to explore the exciting and colorful world of caterpillar and butterflies. Providing a comprehensive overview of the butterfly life cycle and close-up photography of 40 stunning North American species, this guide teaches you everything you need to know to identify, care for, and even raise these beautiful and fascinating insects which pollinate our gardens and farms. 


Rick is a fascinating award-winning author featuring several books on butterflies.  He is also a photographer and habitat consultant, and has created butterfly atriums and gardens for Dolly Parton, Hershey Foods, among others.


Written by: Rick Mikula


Storey Publishing.  2000.   Softback.  166 pages. 

The Family Butterfly Book

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