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This is one of the best books and tools for planning and managing your garden projects! 


A gardening logbook can help you track each plant you choose, from its beginnings in your garden through the growing season and beyond. It can also help you note successes for next year and note what didn't work and why, so you won't repeat mistakes. 


Accompanied with beautiful illustrations and a layflat binding for easy writing, you’ll find:

  • Pages for planning and mapping out your garden
  • Instructions on how—and when—to start seeds and transplant seedlings
  • How to attract beneficial pollinators and insects and ward off pests
  • Care and troubleshooting tips during the seasons
  • Logbook entries to track your garden’s progress over five years

The Gardener's Planner & Logbook helps you manage everything with a 5-year window to track your outdoor haven. 


Chartwell Books Publishing and Editors.  Softback.  2023.  158 pages. 

The Gardener's Planner and Logbook

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