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This wonderful and fun to use workbook takes learning about wildflowers into the field! (no pun intended).  Explore the wonders of and landscapes of meadows and grasslands to public parks and and parkways.  The guide takes you from planning, to packing needed items, to even creating your own music playlist. 


If you're planning an afternoon or a week-long camping trip, this workbook will help enhance your outdoor adventures through creative writing and recording your own personal journey. Bridged together with poems and quotes from authors and naturalists, it ends with a section to record and review your adventures, and a place to express gratitude.  It's more than a field guide. It's a self-discovery journey through nature itself!  


Written by Katie Daisy / Chronical Books /
Printed on Responsibly Acquired paper / U.S. 2018 / 227 pages

The Wildflower Workbook

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