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From Pollination Accelerators to consulting, our mission is to save pollinators, increase local food availability, and educate others.  Learn about Who We Are


Learn about our projects supporting our core mission of saving pollinators. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Donations and in-kind gifts are tax-deductible for individuals, trusts, foundations, and companies.  

Pollination Accelerators

Our pollination accelerators range from establishing a single beehive to designing an intricate and immersive environmental impact project to increase pollination.

Beehive Management

From setting up beehives to training and even actively managing the entire honeybee experience. 

Consulting & Planning

Arkearth consults on renovation of established locations and on new construction build-out to help meet LEED and ESG directives in the most esthetic and environmental ways. 

Educational Tools

We help develop curriculum for specific locations and needs of students, volunteers, and visitors to help educate the public on the vital importance of pollination for the planet. 

Wildflower Distribution 

We've already deployed over one million wildflower plants native to specific regions. We sell individually curated seeds to mixes suitable for different regions. 

ESG and LEED Certification

We work with engineers, planners, and architects to meet critical planning stages and elements needed to meet and exceed environmental goals.  

FACT: Pollinators add over $18 billion in crop production each year.


Pollination. Education. Conservation.

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