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Arkearth & Hivessence Distribute Over One Million Wildflowers

Hivessence, the new organic honey-infused skincare, supplements, and self-care brand, has announced in its first year of online sales, it has shipped over a million wildflower seeds to customers placing orders.

“We’re thrilled to reach this milestone in our first year. Wildflowers are important, because in addition to providing food for thousands of different species of pollinators likes bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and moths, they help hold water and nutrients in the soil along with creating oxygen”, said David Burrows, co-founder of Hivessence and

The Hivessence sustainable mission has attracted customers and innovators alike. Hivessence recently presented at the Collision conference in Toronto, Canada and was also identified as an SDG “Impact Startup” under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our Wildflower campaign gives individuals a chance to become directly involved by planting and enjoying wildflowers and seeing how they benefit our environment. They also add seasonal beauty to areas in their yard, potted plants, or even a rooftop!”, Burrows added.

“We need around 180 plants to provide for each human enough oxygen for one day. If all one million of our seeds produced a flowering plant, that’s more than enough oxygen for 5,500 humans – in addition to fighting climate change and increasing crop output on local urban farms and in community gardens.”

Besides shipping wildflower seeds to all 50 states, a portion of proceeds from each sale of Hivessence wellness products, go to, which identifies opportunities and deploys Pollination Accelerator projects for urban farms, community gardens, parks, universities and other properties like Audubon parks.

Officially launched in May of 2021, orders started coming in immediately. Social media posts and user created videos promoting individual products generated instant sales. Some of the most popular have been the Herbal Eye Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serums, charcoal masks, and wrinkle remover moisturizers. Popular supplements include Testosterone Support and formulas for memory, sleep, Keto, cleanse, and performance. Products are competitively priced from $22 for some moisturizers to $74 for serums. Hivessence partners with and acquires honey for its products from small producers and beekeepers in North Texas, Montana, Colorado, France, North Carolina, Florida, and Hawaii.

“People may not realize it but for every bite of food on our plate, more than one-third comes from pollinating species. Bees are so important that the United Nations and the Earthwatch Institute declared them to be the most important species on the planet,” Burrows said. “We’re here to help make positive changes for our world and enable people to be part of that by looking good and feeling good!”, Burrows added.

Find Hivessence at – and on social media under hashtags: #hivessence, #SaveYourFace, and #SaveTheBees.

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